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We give you more personal attention

Everyone wants to get the highest price for their home, but not all agents are equipped or (willing!) to make that a reality.  Ed Greable will guide you through the entire process of selling your home without compromising your goal of reaching the highest price for your home. As a full-time real estate professional who has lived and worked in the Boston Metropolitan area for his entire career, delivering quality services to fit each client’s needs is his highest priority.

Placing your home on the market

Right from the start, preparing a home for the market presents challenges, affects how quickly it sells, and how much value potential buyers see in it. That is why we provide all our clients with a trusted network of top-industry professionals — from financial experts and home inspectors, to experts in home staging, repair consultants, and marketing talent.

Once we have brought a home to “open house” condition, our professional marketing team will ensure that in the competitive Metropolitan Boston neighborhoods your home will get noticed quickly by the right audience. Your home will be advertised through print, online, and social media using professional photography, home video tour, design work, and brochure copy highlighting its best characteristics.

We go through this extensive process of preparation and marketing for every home, generating high buyer interest and strengthening the selling price during negotiations.

Get more value from your home

All agents are not the same. This can become most apparent when it’s time to negotiate the terms and selling price for your home. Ed Greable and his team are looking to build long-term relationships with everyone we work with, so our team works for your interests and not for the quickest or easiest deal. Sometimes that means walking away from offers or getting you more with counter offers to meet your goals. We do this because we care about our clients, and we’re confident in doing it because of our developed talents and strength in negotiating to ensure that your home selling experience will exceed your expectations. That’s why we can get the highest price for your home. And we hope it means working with you again.